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Boring fashion

Why is fashion so boring.

When I walk down the street in The Netherlands, all I see is boring clothing. All the colours just blend together to make a sort of gray painting with little to no feeling. 

I do realize a lot of these people feel pretty in the clothing their wearing but it’s all so safe! There is no extraordinary quality to their outfits. Thus making it boring in my eyes.

I hope more fun fashion comes to the area’s around me. Fashion should be a fun something that everybody can and wants to participate in. It’s a way to express yourself. And I want to express myself.

Let’s grow balls!

Reblogging this, again and from my own blog, because of my current opinion about the fashion I see around me. Because the current fashion around me is bland. I don’t know how the girls around me manage, but they seem to just be slightly altered copy’s of each other.

Where’s the fun in that? I hope that with the spring that is now starting, crazy fashion and fun in clothing will bloom, as well <3

(Source: aeqi)

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